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Hello Guys,

I an new member here, Please guide me, if I have posted in wrong categories.

I would like to share our online product design tool with all. It is a complete web to print storefront solutions for Magento that Allows your online store customers to create unique printable designs for their products like t-shirts, invitation & greeting cards, coffee mugs, coasters and other gift items, laptop and mobile skins, posters, banners and more.

check full features at


Wow - what's with all the sales pitches today? Wasn't some other guy trying to sell essay writing??

Putin's testing out some new ISPs.

This one is in the proper place and is related to printing so I left it up. I will keep an eye on it though.

Yeah, that other one definitely had some weird syntax to their sentences. I've seen that same sort of wording in other spam posts on other sites for other subjects. Almost sounds like the same person. Maybe the same translator software.


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