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Connecting to Dell Server

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I'm fully up and running from the move :banana:

The only thing is I connect to the company Server to access a share
It's not my server I only use to access files from "them"
since the move I cannot connect to it.
So It's Mac to a Dell Server

How did you used to do it? OS version on server? IP address of server?

Have you tried Finder===>Go===>Connect to server...


Yes it won't connect, I do believe it is because they don't want
people connecting to that server and I was only allowed access to that share
they had a guy connect me to that share, and the link is now broken, because of the move.
He had me connected somehow through my old mac, (It had my old macs password)
I think I need to get into that server, and allow a user.
I do believe this is a management problem :laugh:

Try opening ===> Macintosh HD/System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/Network Utility

Click on the Ping tab and enter the IP address and then click the Ping button.

After 10 tries if it say "10 packets transmitted, 10 packets received" it means your Mac can see that server. If you see "Request Timeout" messages it will mean either that server is not on the network, they have changed the IP address, or you are on a different subnet than the server.


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