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Hey there,

I have been having issues with Quark 2016 all day. The latest is when trying to save a file as a PDF the document is cropped in half. Same issue when I save the file out to prinergy pdf (EVO), the zero / zero point is gone and the file is not following the original layout. Any ideas on how to fix this?



Do you mean when you export the PDF from Quark it is cropped in half? Not sure what you mean about "save the file out to prinergy pdf". Explain the process you are using please.

When I create a EVO PDF for Prinergy  to refine in Workshop I use the Quark Output Styles menu. Example "file export as PDF  x save as PDF/ EVO " When the document is created it does not maintain the layout size. Do this help you ?

Here is an example:

looks like you have it landscape when it should be portrait


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