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I would try creating the background in indesign and placing the image on top, create a pdf and see 
if you have the same problem, maybe you can narrow down the problem to illustrator.

Good idea.
I will give that a shot  : )

Still going over these 2 files with Esko Support.

They have the files and after a very quick look they suggested I take an advanced trapping class so they can better assist me on how to trap these files.

I know how to trap these files if it comes down to it, it may not be pretty or fast but it works.
It just takes a large amount of time and the suggestions they have made do not work great.
They will trap the images in question but over trap the rest of the file or mess with trapping totally.

My intent was to try and save time / not bill our customer (or eat the cost) for the extra hour(s) of clipping paths / masks and relaying of their files in order for our workflow to trap their files when other workflows  (prinergy and rampage for example) would trap this files images without all the extra steps..

Still waiting on their reply on if they even tried to trap the file sent to them using the methods they suggested to me and info on how much their advanced trapping class costs. Every little bit of information helps! 

I am still set on that this is a Esko issue where the trapper will not trap images to pantones without a defined edge being present in either /both of the objects its trying to trap.
They won't comment on my thoughts and seem to dance around it in their replies which makes me suspicious.
(We had opened a ticket in 2015 regarding the same issue and it seems its never been resolved)

Time to play the wait for a reply game :)
Thanks for all the assistance and messages regarding this post and these files.  :)


Esko got back and mentioned they trapped these images by separating the photoshop image into 2 parts:  (1) Image & (2) drop Shadow then  layering them in illustrator.   Then using the White Underprint tool to create a path around the image (which is a MESS initially) then using the smooth tool they smoothed out and manipulated the path to fit the image (in illustrator)
Then sent the file through a trap ticket.
It traps, but its not a super clean trap/edge (not as clean as using the pen tool in photoshop)

I had mentioned to them if I need to edit paths why not just create a smooth one in the first place in photoshop?
(and as a added bonus the White Underprint tool will follow that path and be nice and clean! case I needed to use it)

So it looks like there is no efficient/quick way to create a path that AE recognizes to trap process images to pantones.
this seems like a major hole in the software when there are other workflows that do not need paths and trap images to pantones just fine.

Time to speak to the boss about billing more per file based on the need to create paths per image supplied & try to educate the artist/designers about clipping paths and layering of images in their source files.  (ha, good luck right) : )


So it worked in Prinergy? Just curious.
Hope it works out! Keep us updated!

I haven't ran it through Prinergy (as we do not have it here) but I worked with Prinergy for years  and can count on one hand how many files i had to create a path around images in order for it to trap the image/background.  (maybe 3 times in 5+ years)

I am assuming it would trap just fine :)


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