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I think it would be faster, especially if the object to be trapped is on its own layer because you can command-click on the layer to select the shape of all pixels on the layer.

My process would be like this:

1. Create new Spot Channel and fill it with 100% of the spot color. This will look weird because there is no knockout yet so the 4C image appears to overprint the spot.

2. Command-click on the object layer (the thumbnail in the Layers palette) to make an instant selection of the pixels.

3. Contract the selection (Select>Modify>Contract) by however many pixels you want your trap size to be (it helps if your artwork is 100% size or close to it, otherwise your trap may shrink or grow if you have the image scaled in the layout.)

4. On the Spot Channel, fill the selected area with white.

5. Save as .PSD and relink in your layout.

Hey! Thanks Dan! that worked

Damned right, it did!


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