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EFI BestColor RIP & Epson 10600 plotter - trade for a case of beer

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The latest in antique technology! HP server loaded with Windows 2000 Server and EFI BestColor proofing software. Comes with BestColor USB dongle. Also, will throw in an Epson Stylus Pro 10600 that is mated to server. Hasn't been used in 5 years. Will trade for a case of either Yuengling (USA) or Mill Street Organic Lager (Canada). Bring a leash and take this puppy home!

What's sad is it just might be a upgrade for me.

 :banana:  Nope, prinergy was installed on 2009.  :banana:

I do have a bestcolor proactive server sitting here though that is probably running win 2k.

I have a variety of different beers I can send you in trade, but you have to ship it to me at your cost in exchange.

We had a 10600, was a great unit. Only replaced it a few years back because the printer head went on it.


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