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EFI BestColor RIP & Epson 10600 plotter - trade for a case of beer

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Had a 10600 a couple jobs back, but the head needed replacement and Epson/Decision 1 fucked up the repair so bad it was rendered completely unusable. Instead of owning their mistake, or replacing the unit with a used/factory rebuilt one they tried to bill us for "the repair," which was never even completed. Then they took us to court for not paying. I had to give multiple depositions. I ranted on this about 8-10 years ago or so. We counter sued. Don't know what ever happened in the end - I think both sides dropped the case.


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The latest in antique technology! HP server loaded with Windows 2000 Server and EFI BestColor proofing software. Comes with BestColor USB dongle. Also, will throw in an Epson Stylus Pro 10600 that is mated to server. Hasn't been used in 5 years. Will trade for a case of either Yuengling (USA) or Mill Street Organic Lager (Canada). Bring a leash and take this puppy home!

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I would need to have a lot more than "a case of either Yuengling (USA) or Mill Street Organic Lager (Canada)" to take it! :rotf:

...found my rant here:


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