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This site looks like a good place for Excel info should you need it.

Where the fuck does the damned PDF go when you print to PDF? Can't find it anywhere and save to PDF doesn't work - file is all FUBAR

on Mac OS

figured out a work around. that was stressful - had a guy waiting on it and nothing else was working for what he wanted other than the print to pdf. I did all the same procedures, but instead of print to pdf, i hit preview in preview, and then exported the pdf from there. it got what we wanted. save as pdf was making weird page breaks and not doing what was intended.

under view select normal
and under page setup select fit to 1 page

yeah - unfortunately for this project, that was not working. Even zamzar messed it up... I got an 11" wide x 1000" long document, 1 single page. It was a long-ass spreadsheet that was supposed to be 118 pages, 11" x 8.5".


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