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Zünd Cutter, ArtiosCad - PC or Mac front end?

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We are finally having to spring for a sample table of our own. The cutting table is a Zünd that we are purchasing from Hobby Lobby. It is a production table that is right now used for cutting picture frame matte board. They have 11 of them and are letting one go. We are then going for ArtiosCad software on the front end. My dilemma is that I will no doubt be the main operator. And being a true Mac person, am finding it difficult to put a PC on the front end. Artios will run on a Mac that can support VMWare. Seems my MacPro is the ONLY ONE from the 2012 class with a processor that cannot run the software.
Any thoughts on running a newer (NOT new) Mac with VMWare Windows emulator?
Should I just give in and let the PC through the door to run the system?

My opinion....if this is something you won't be spending a lot of time on a virtual machine makes sense. Your 2012 can probably run VirtualBox which by the way is FREE. Keep in mind though to run a virtual machine you have a buy a copy of Windows in order to get it activated properly so that is a couple hundred dollars there.

If it is something you will be spending a lot of time with I would not try using the virtual machine and spring for a mid range Dell desktop PC. You can get one with Windows 10 Pro, an i5 CPU and 8 GB of ram in the $500 - $600 range (monitor not included) from

Thanks, Joe. To start, we'll just be cutting samples for standard structure and whatever sizes we need. Some nesting and eventually more design. But I'd like it to end up being more than just a sample table. The table is approx 50x70 and our press only goes to 28x40. So there's a lot of table to be used.
Going with a PC is probably the best option, knowing that only one other employee of 24 knows how to operate a Mac.

I sill don't get the PC hatred in graphics. I run both and honestly, once you get the basics down they are not that much different. Things may be called something slightly different and are ni a different place but they both work well.

If you put a Mac on the front end that pretty much guarantees you're going to be the sole operator. Put a PC there and you can pawn it off on someone else. I actually did the opposite here. I didn't want the boss on the mac ever because he's cancer for computers. Well, that and I eventually want to take it home. I took all the backup drives, cloned them for when he deletes something and put it on one of the office PCs. I parked the cloned drive in a box so he can't ruin it.

I agree Farabomb. And my intent to try to keep it on a Mac was also so I could take it home and learn the software. Everybody wants the work done but nobody goes the extra mile to maybe learn from outside of the office. If I need to learn how to do something, I'll do it from home if need be.
And you are correct, software is near transparent from one platform to the other.


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