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Guess what I am doing right now... installing QuarkXpress 2018!

Because your tired of slow responsiveness of Indesign??

nope, he has a death wish...

I gotta say, the adobe programs are getting slower with each update. I checked the Activity Monitor, and with them all running (INDD, AI, PS and Acrobat DC) I'm only using about half of my 16gb RAM. Its still slow. Not quite powering on a Windows 95 machine slow, but close.


--- Quote from: david on April 10, 2019, 01:30:00 PM ---nope, he has a death wish...

--- End quote ---

One of our clients, an old guy who has been using Quark forever bought a new computer and had to update. We get quite a bit of work from him and he is not confident he'll ever learn InDesign so...

It's ok. I've been dealing with his "files from hell" for about 20 years. Hopefully Quark might have improved since version 9 but then again, I may be whistling dixie.


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