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Work slowing down. A *lot*

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David 1122:
Hello! New member of this board, first time posting.

I work at a small printing company here in OKC, OK and my work has slowed down a lot in the past few weeks. Most days, I'm having to make up things to do to make myself *look* busy.  :)
I've sent some resumes and applications out, but so far, just general interest, "thanks for your time", etc..
I've been in printing for more than 20 years, started here in the pre-press/digital printing area about 7 years ago when a co-worker/friend left for another job and he recommended me for the position.
I do some graphic work, but so far, haven't created anything original other than things for myself. I have been updating my skill-set in the Adobe software when I can.
Any help here?


First off - Welcome! Good folks here, glad to have you!

Not sure I can lend any help with openings, on the East Coast here but there are some members out your way I think. If the market is anything like here, a big problem is the number of places left that are viable. On the flipside though there's also a shortage of people like us that know wtf we're doing.

It's not a question of your ability anymore, It's finding the place that has the work and is willing to pay for your skill.

Also I find that with all the printing that has gone to the web (like product instructions) or gone to other countries, the smaller shops are disappearing. It's a sinkhole - fewer shops but also fewer people being trained in or know what we do.

Might want to check out your local EDD and see if they have any resume classes etc..
Also the EDD might have free classes on Graphics programs, all these things help
you change modes, you will meet people, talk about jobs etc...
It will get you into the job hunting mode if anything.
sign up for Indeed and other job posting places.


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