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I've got a possibly dumb question...

One of my NAS devices at home has a 2TB drive that has failed. I had configured it as a RAID 2 so my data is preserved. The drive was a 5400. Can I replace it with a 7200 or higher, or SSD? Or can a device be specific to a particular rpm spec? I tried to look up the manual online at work, but it doesn't say. What happens if I replace a 2TB drive with a 4TB drive? Can a device max out on storage capability? It's external, so I don't think it's limited to Windows limitations, but I am running 64-bit 10 if that matters.

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage so it isn't dependent on the OS of the computer you are using. The NAS runs its own OS usually some form of Linux. The firmware in the NAS can limit the size of the drive it can use. Manufacturers sometimes releases new firmware to allow the use of larger drives. If you replace a 2 TB drive with a 4 TB drive it will auto rebuild that 4 TB drive as a 2 TB drive into your current RAID setup. I'm not sure what drives of differing speeds would do. I think it might work but would not be optimal. It might slow the 7200 RPM drives down to 5400 RPM to match the slowest drive but it is always recommended to use the exact same drives in a NAS.

As far as SSD's go...if your NAS firmware supports it you will be able to use them. It would be a waste though to replace one drive that is a traditional HD with an SSD. I think you would see problems doing this. I would make the entire NAS either all traditional HD's or all SSD's. I would not try to mix them.

The main issue is that I ordered a drive off Amazon, and I got a 7200, but when I yanked the old one out, it was 5400, so I'm hesitant to try.

I might just order another 7200 and start over...

So I never circled back to this topic. I got the 2 7200 drives and then mounted them into the Buffalo Linkstation CloudStor NAS. It was originally linked to Pogoplug, which is now defunct. I'm uncertain how I was able to operate the thing online without Pogoplug before (and map the drive) but it wouldn't initialize and allow me to format, so I gave up. I went to Fry's and had them do an Amazon price match on a Netgear 4 bay ReadyNAS, and with my gift card I walked out with it for $200. I put the 2 2 x 7200 2tb drives and the 2 2 x 5400 2tb drives in it, and it works just fine. It even repaired the bad drive from the Buffalo setup. It created a RAID 5 array with 6tb of storage and with 2 ethernet connections, it allows for lightning fast transfer and streaming. It also hosts 2 1.4 ghz processors and runs Linux, so it can host a Plex server without having to go through the software on my computer.

I know that was covered like 8-10 years ago, but I can't find the thread. On a Windows machine, how can you batch remove all those annoying little .DS_Store and Thumbs.db files?


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