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Hey all - we have a Windows 7 box sitting next to our XP RIP station doing nothing but collecting emails. I'd like to migrate Navigator from the XP to the Windows 7 machine. Because the Xitron ArborSB PCI Imager Interface card is PCI, SIMPLE logic says the W7 box has PCI and I should be able to remove from the XP and install into the W7 box. But there is no such thing as SIMPLE logic here. Anybody with any thoughts on this? I'd probably be looking for another job if putting the card into the W7 blows it up!
I mean, we're okay with the way it's running on the XP, we're a very bust shop but not experiencing a bottle neck at plate making. But it WOULD be nice to speed up the ripping process.

You can put it in the Win 7 box and it won't blow up but it won't work if you don't have a Win 7 driver loaded for it.

Hmmmm…guess I'll do some searching. May be a futile attempt but it's a quiet morning so far.

One tidbit...PCI cards are not hot swappable. Power off the pc before removing it and make sure the pc you are putting it in is powered off too.

Also don't start the XP pc back up once you remove the card until you are sure it is working OK in the Win 7 pc. 99 times out of 100 it probably wouldn't cause any issues but it is possible that XP could lose its configuration for that card if you start it back up without the card in it.

Ahhhh-ha. Good advice and duly noted.
We picked up a program called EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro that is supposed to copy all settings files from the XP along with the RIP program. Sounds too easy. I've learned over the years that things generally aren't super easy on PC's.


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