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Photographs printing using CMYK and Metallic

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Has anyone ever set up photographs printing using CMYK and Metallic? We are trying to create an effect, but not sure how to get there. Any suggestions?

That can be tough, like duotones with Black and Silver.
The Black gets murdered, and the metallic loses its sheen when screened into dots.
Might also consider metallic stock instead? Then you can use opaque white to make parts of the image less or non metallic.

I *think* I have done this many, many years ago. The metallic can't ever be 100% or the effect won't work unless you print the metallic, wait for it to dry and then print the black over the top of the dried metallic on a second pass. If the metallic is a screen value, the screen angle CANNOT be the same as the black screen angle or they overprint each other and the metallic removes all traces of the black.

How are you printing these photos? Are they going litho or Xerox?



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