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Affinity Publisher 1.8 imports IDML files

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Updated my Affinity Publisher to 1.8 and been trying out the new import InDesign IDML files into AP.
It actually does a good job but you still have to do some cleaning up which is expected.

I am working on a article to post on my Linkedin page and hope to post it in next couple of days.
If anyone is interested, I can post a link to the article here if you wish when I post it on Linkedin.

Please do, I'd love to see it! And I'll have to update my App, kind of forgot about it honestly.  :-[

Now that i have finally replaced my dead 07 imac at home with a 2017 model, Im definitely looking at getting the affinity suite... great to hear they have got an indesign import now!

Here is the link to my Linkedin review of the new Affinity Publisher 1.8 update that allows users to import InDesign IDML files into AP.

Just in case anyone needs to know.
You can open pdfs with Affinity Publisher and it turns them into documents for editing.
So if you have a pdf of the file, you can use that for converting to a editable AP document. Just need to reconnect the text boxes etc


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