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Acento (Screen Platerite Error E018A Door won't open)

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Just started getting this error code on our Acento (Screen Platerite Error E018A Door won't open).  And you guessed it door won't open.  It seems like a sensor or actuator might be out. 

We can manually open the door (screwdriver into hole manually unlocks) but was wondering if anyone has any experience with this error and replacing sensors.

Only when there was actually a "hidden" jammed plate in there actually causing the pseudo error

I'm inclined to use the screw driver method as I'm sure it's a $1,000 sensor by the time my guy services it.   :ohno:

I've had this happen b4. The door latch is popped by a solenoid, which is probably failing. I had to replace mine once.

Another problem... if the door has ever been slammed, it will bend the striker latch. I've had to take a pair of pliers and bend mine back after someone was too rough with the machine. If you can hear the solenoid pop, then maybe a minor adjustment is in order. The whole mechanism is easily accessible by removing a few screws under the loading bed and should have some adjustment being that it is mounted on sliding screw holes.

Thanks Earendil.......we noticed that there was no POP so it's probably the you recall where you purchased the replacement from?  Usually we go to Cooper electronics.


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