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Came in this morning to a "dew condensation" error on my Screen pt-r 8600 platesetter. She won't initialize and says I need to lower the humidity. This is SO Oregon in summer and it's dry as a bone... less than 40% humidity.

I typically leave it on 24/7 but we have been having random power outages so I turned it off for the weekend. I'm guessing the fact that its fans weren't running allowed some condensation in a diode block. I tried running on half-diode mode but it must check all of them on initialize. It says it is in diode block 6.

Any chance you get those big ass desiccant packs with your paper like we do? Maybe toss one of those in there and it will absorb any extra moisture.

I haven't seen those. They don't need to use moisture control in the west because it is so dry. I'm very surprised that I have this error, because it is not remotely humid here. It must be very sensitive and just have a little condensation on a lens or something. I do not want to try to climb inside and open the printhead.

Faulty sensor?

hmmmm... maybe


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