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Using text editor to change color bar on many templates

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Has anyone ever used a text editor to open up Preps templates and modify the marks?

Currently using Preps 8 and discovered recently that we've been using the wrong color bar for the past year and a half, so now we need to change it on all our templates. Because of the overall suckitude of any version after 5, modifying templates with lots of sigs within is now a major PITA so I'm looking to streamline it somewhat.

I tried it out on a job recently and it seems to have worked well, but just wondering if there is a caveat somewhere I'm not seeing? (Joe, I know you've done this before!)

Yeah I use either the deprecated TextWrangler or the free version of BBEdit. You can do a search and replace on all files in a folder. The secret is to place about 5 copies of a few templates and test it to make sure before you do it on your whole inventory of templates. Unless of course you like living on the edge. No secret caveat that I know of. Just make sure what you are searching for is correct and replace with something is correct.

I vaguely remember doing the same sorta thing using BBEdit to a whole folder of templates. Search and Replace within the folder, per Kodak instructions. But I wish I could remember exactly how. If I'm pressed, I could probably find it.

Could you guys elaborate on this a little more? Like how it works etc. I too recently found out we have the wrong color bars and would love an easy way to fix the templates. 

Using BBEdit under the search menu click "Multi-file Search..."

[attach width=400]19401[/attach]

Fill in your search and replace text in the boxes with the red arrow.

Then click the "Other" button and navigate to and select the folder where your template files are at.

[attach width=400]19403[/attach]

Then click "Replace All".

Just make sure you are using a copy of your templates so if something goes wrong you still have the originals.


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