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Preps 5.3.1 or 5.3.3 Windows Installer...anyone?

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Simply just looking if someone has the 5.3.1 or 5.3.3 WINDOWS installers for this?   (KODAK does not have it....)

(read on only if you want the the poop...)

When I inquired to the Kodak Partner Place...I was saddened the OLD VERSION INSTALLERS were not to be found on their site, Kodak 'essentially' told me PISS OFF, version 6 and earlier are EOL and we no longer allow you to get the old SW. "We can put you in touch with a Sales Rep to talk about upgrade options...."  FFS!, I have a process that works GREAT on 5.3....I DO NOT NEED or WANT to upgrade it.

Shit, I have the damn dongle and license materials...just the CPU took a dump and I can only find my 5.2 disk...I can get most from backups, but would rather have the 5.3.x installers.
I'm working for a company that DID NOT archive the 'new' installers downloaded a decade ago...They machine it was running on was almost old enough to buy me a drink!

I'll look around tonight but I am doubtful. We never really used the Windows version but I know I did install it at some point which is how I came to the conclusion that the Windows version sucked. ;D

Here ya go.  ;)


Is there any chance you can send me also the link to Preps 5.3.3?
I would really appreciate it, I've been trying to search the web for months.
Thanks in advance.

Preps 5.3 win ...


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