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Anyone have any experience using Preps to do layouts for a flatbed cutter? I have been tasked with finding out if Preps can do layouts for it, and if it can send the data to the cutter so it can process it correctly. I know these cutters are usually pushed by CAD systems, but wondering if Preps can do it to. I also know that Preps has some functionality for packaging, but not sure how that plays into this. Really looking for some real world knowledge.

Yes Preps can do it. No I have not done it before. ;D

Do you have access to the GUA Forums? If so there was a recent post about this?

PPF (CIP) file output from standalone Preps?

If not I will copy and paste from there to here for you. Just let me know if you need it done.

Thanks for the link Joe. I do have access to the forums and I don't think I've seen that article before, but we have setup CIP data for our cutters in bindery. Which work most of the time, which I would say about 90%. The other 10%, the cut data is just a big sheet instead of the individual pages like they should be. Which is another issue altogether, which I have contacted Kodak about, and they don't know why.

The way I understand it to get the proper cutter data you have to print the cutter data directly from Preps stand alone and not via workshop. Assuming you know that is there anything different with anything the 10% of the time that it doesn't work right?

Yep, that is the way it works. The CIP data is saved directly out of Preps when you print your layout back to Workshop. It saves it to a directory of your choosing. It will also overwrite the file any time you make changes to the layout in Preps.
And for the 10%, I haven't been able to figure out what is different, as I have been able to make the layout the exact same way we make all the other layouts, and yet it still sends the data weird.


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