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Can everyone told me how i can put automatically in text mark the work style (in the text mark i want to see PERFECTOR, SHEETSWISE etc...)... text required by printing colleagues.

now i have text mark like this:
$JOBNAME COALA $sig  FATA $Side  $SheetHeight $SheetWidth $date  $time

Thanks you!

There isn't a text variable for 'work style' as far as I can see. I think you could manually put it in the Preps job comments and add the comments to the mark.

$[Workstyle] does the trick for me. You may or may not need the brackets - I use Prinergy so it needs them.

I didn't see that in the Preps manual. Could it just be a Prinergy mark?

Could be. All I know is I use it and like it!


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