dc 12 and step/repeat

Started by agent_orange, October 08, 2009, 12:57:45 PM

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so our service tech is here right now. nice guy but it always seems like he has an excuse for why our machine is a piece of crap. it's the paper, humidity, blah, blah, everything but the correct answer.... 'the machine's a piece of crap"

anyways, his latest excuse went up my arse sideways. he claims that using step and repeat changes the color slightly on each repeated object. so, if you have a box with a red fill and step/repeat it four times, you'll have four slightly different shades of red. before i choke this guy to death, has anyone ever seen anything that backs up his statement? he's telling me it's exclusive to dc 12's....


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WOW! That's quite a selling point. So much for that model with my counterfeiting service.
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seriously, we've had nothing but problems for 3 years with xerox, their sales reps, parts, service, everything. we're literally about to take the thing out to the parking lot and give it an office space style beatdown, then laugh when they have to fix it under our service contract!


That's is typical of the reason I will never have a Xerox product in my home or business. They are the master of rubber glove magic.


man, ive heard everything from keeping your paper in tupperware to the planetary alignment as to why the machine doesnt run. with the exception of about 3 people, copier techs are idiots. if they cant explain/fix it, its operator error or they just blame the paper stock.

if their impo appication is changing the color, id find a new impo application.

I can see objects on the far side of the transfer belt having a slightly different tint than objects toward the front of the machine. Canons are infamous for this when they are needing a tune up.