XMF getting stuck - freezing up?

Started by Lynne, February 05, 2020, 08:36:40 AM

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We have recently began having issues with XMF freezing on a job (not completely crashing). Seems like the job is locked up and can't make any edits to it. Quitting XMF and even a restart of Mac doesn't help. Often times, we have to delete the job and start all over.

Wondering if we have too many "jobs" in our XMF queue and it might be causing this? We have 1100 jobs and haven't archived anything since we started 6 months ago. In Rampage, we used to keep a lot more than this current in the system as we have a lot of reprints.

We also recently upgraded our Macs to High Sierra.... could this be causing the issues? We know not to upgrade to Catalina, but assumed High Sierra would be ok.

Any thoughts?


Do you have an existing license?
if so you can call anytime and with Team viewer they can log into computers
and let you know what's happening.

You may need a new install of XMF on your updated Mac
sounds like you left XMF on your Mac while installing High Sierra?

So when you delete and restart everything is good?
hmm sounds like something going on, when I have a freeze up
it's usually a file problem.


Thanks Tracy,

Yes we do have a license, but usually it's so hard to "stop what you're doing and call and wait...." you know I'm sure.
We assumed it's a file problem, but we've had it several times in the last week or so. You delete the job from XMF and build a new one and it goes through ok -- just a fluke somehow I guess.

We also have an occasional plate that will expose "BLANK", then we resend that exact plate and it exposes fine. Some glitches occasionally in our network maybe....

Thanks again.


Check the available space on the D: Drive on the XMF Server Box. Typically your XMF Client won't be the issue since its basically just a browser into the rip, not actually running anything itself.

We had a similar issue and found out that jobs restored from archive aren't automatically set to archive themselves like new jobs. So every time we grabbed an old job since we'd be using the same layout but with new art, we were filling up the hard drive on the server pretty quickly.
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I would go with network related. The blank  plate indicates to me that data is isn't getting through quick or reliable enough. I've seen it also happen with a bad scsi card and the plate setter spat blanks every now and then.

You could also have a database that is screwed up. I would certainly recommend running  a verify on it.

As previously said, it won't be your macs they are just a client.
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How often do you restart the XMF server? I have a reminder to do it weekly, usually Fridays when I won't interrupt other employees like the plating folks. It definitely gets "quirky" and a restart seems to clear up odd things like files failing, or plates not outputting.

Diddler has a great idea too, that direct connection to the imaging device could be compromised-replace cables if possible and see if it helps.

Frustrating to track down in a busy environment, hope it's something simple!
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