How the heck do I build this simple layout?

Started by DCurry, January 24, 2024, 09:26:24 AM

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Quote from: DigiCorn on January 24, 2024, 07:49:43 PMI think I'm lucky; I have forgotten all I know about SignaStation. The ONLY thing I remember, and it may or may not still be a feature, but your could strip/impose in layers, which is particularly helpful for varnishes and dielines. Beyond that, I remember nothing; it's been 20 years!
seems like i'm luckier, up until yesterday I hadn't even heard of it  ;D ;D
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In case you're still playing around with this:

New job - new job/ Product Part - Work Mode - Imposition -16pgs / Master Pages - page size / Binding-Sewn / Marks - your marks/ Plates - Work Style - Sheetwise / Schemes - F04-01_ui_2x1 (in the Standards folder): Schemes part 2 - go to the Press Sheet Layout tab and inside the plate layout area, number the areas with the drop down menu: 1/1(bottom left), 2/2(top left), 3/3(bottom right), 4/4(top right). I also have the Folding Sheet Copies Allowed and Automatic Rotaion selected by default, but don't think it's critical.  Fold Lay Mark Position can be Not used or Right.
Hope this helps.