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Esko & DCS / Copy dot files
by andyfest
January 20, 2018, 03:40:50 PM


PACKZVIEW - Free PDF Quality Control Tool
by Farabomb
January 19, 2018, 08:01:43 AM

Migration assistant to new mac
by pspdfppdfxhd
January 18, 2018, 08:34:27 AM


Manually Archive
by Farabomb
January 16, 2018, 08:37:44 AM

New Windows 10 PC
by Ear
January 15, 2018, 04:10:40 PM

From employee to freelance for the same company.
by Joe
January 12, 2018, 09:50:08 PM

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Esko / Re: Esko & DCS / Copy dot files
Last post by andyfest -
I haven't had to deal with copi dot scans since our earliest days of CTP. I'll check out how we treated them if I get a few minutes early in the week. I still have archived files from back in 2004 when we switched over from film. It may give me a few ideas on what workflows we used for processing and imposition. We are still using Nexus, but there might be someone (G-town?) that is familiar with both RIPs that could translate our workflow from Nexus into AE language.
...or you could do what I did when I was on Preps and Rampage - make a repeating pattern color bar in Illustrator, but name the swatches with the rsi_coloralias_1, etc. as dictated in the Preps manual and save as a pdf to the Preps duplicating mark folder and then place. You will need one each for 1-color jobs, 2-color jobs, 3-color jobs and ... well, you get the idea. When placed in Preps, Preps will automatically map rsi_coloralias_1 to the first alphabetical spot color, and so on. Export your imposition from Preps as a pdf. Preps will not have an issue mapping the colors, and as long as you use the $color designation string on the correct Preps mark, it will read on your plate exactly as the color is named in the original artwork file. I can't remember exactly which mark is the correct one for Preps, as I am about 3 years+ removed from using it, but it is NOT a smart mark oddly enough.
[edit] Just looked it up... for Rampage, I think it's called "Platenames_9x"
I started working with Preps and Rampage about a year ago and this problem has been a pain up until today. Whenever we added a Spot Color bar, the Preps 8.0 $color (plate color mark) would print the PMS and rsi_alias_color# on top of each other. This made reading it by the pressman impossible. The guy who trained me and has worked with both programs for years didn't know how to fix it and googling the problem led to it as being a bug from Rampage. So I left it at that until it dawned on me to play around with the print options in Preps. After some trial and error, I finally have it fixed. I'd have to to it manually every time we print PMS jobs, but it's still a fix. Hopefully this can help those who are still using Rampage and Preps like I am.

On the print dialog box under Imaging Options>Color Handling, switch it from none to PDF Color mapping.

Go to Color Separations

Switch rsi_color_alias# to Pantone color. Match the order on the list. Click print and save PDF to your work folder.

The before and after in Rampage monitor preview.

Esko / Re: Esko & DCS / Copy dot files
Last post by C2V -

Guess I needed to state that from the start, sorry about that.

Esko Suite 14 (I believe there is 16 available now but we haven't upgraded yet)

CAD is using:
Artios CAD

Macs are using:
Automation Engine, Pilot, Shuttle (which we do not use at all), Cape (tho I do not use it )  and Deskpack Advanced 16.0 plugins for Illustrator. (& the license manager for it all) Were also running a trail version of Studio (basically to create 3d pdf mockups.. a waste perhaps)
& a trial version of Plato on our old PC (which neither my coworker or I like, even after the 3 day training provided)

The Rest... / Re: PACKZVIEW - Free PDF Quality Control Tool
Last post by Farabomb -
this sounds pretty good... i'm waiting for a licence key now.
Would mean the sales guys dont need to pester me with every single art pdf question, they might be able to answer some themselves!
Oh, you sweet summer child. You're a dear to think sales can actually do anything productive. They can do lunches, drink and do blow but that's not being productive.
The Rest... / Re: PACKZVIEW - Free PDF Quality Control Tool
Last post by Joe -
It also has separation preview. You won't find that in Acrobat Reader.
The Rest... / Re: PACKZVIEW - Free PDF Quality Control Tool
Last post by DPSprint -
this sounds pretty good... i'm waiting for a licence key now.
Would mean the sales guys dont need to pester me with every single art pdf question, they might be able to answer some themselves!
The Rest... / Re: PACKZVIEW - Free PDF Quality Control Tool
Last post by Joe -
This is actually a pretty decent tool if it stays functional and free.

Ever have a font you know is in a document but you don't know where it is? Go to the Fonts pallet and double click the font and it zooms you right in to it. And even labels it in the pallet with the text that is in the document. And the images pallet is pretty good too.

I urge everyone to get yourself a copy. Thanks for the info swampymarsh.
Esko / Re: Esko & DCS / Copy dot files
Last post by andyfest -

Frequent browser but never joined or posted.
The community seems very helpful so I figured I would give it a shot and see if I can get any assistance.

Currently working with Esko and we have a few customers who have never updated their art and we need to get them through to plating.

A previous employee here had contacted Esko support regarding DCS and Copydot files and working with them using Esko workflow.

While I was not around for the conversation (as I was not working here at the time) they did end up setting up a wrapper file ticket for us to use.
(basically takes the .EPS and wraps it a .pdf)

I can get this file through Esko by:

placing this generated .pdf (from the Wrapper ticket) into Indesign.
Dropping in our company marks and colour dots and job # information.
Saving as a Hi Res PDF out of Indesign.
Ripping that high res pdf through Esko using our regular rip/trap ticket created (it was here when I started and seems to work for everything but these files) (we also have a ticket that is an exact duplicate except it does not trap a file)
Automation Engine viewer can see this final .pdf but everything looks ... moire patterned ( in Prinergy this was common and the files ended up plating OK despite the virtual proofers viewing of them)
When this pdf is placed into Pandora (as it is the layout program we are using) it just errors and we get a grey box with a red X in it.

When we go to Esko for assistance, they mention Pandora is the culprit and Kodak mentions Esko is the culprit (perhaps bit of both..)

Any idea on how we would use DCS/Copy Dot files with Esko?

I asked my co-worker and they used Rampage prior to Esko (Rampage is....odd and there seems to be no info or available training on it anymore, and they wouldn't train me on it anyhow.. I never received training on Esko either. (theres no time, i am the only operator who works with files) (been running blind for the last year, but so far so good)
We currently can't use Rampage as were having issues with the server its hosted on (permission issues) and our tech whom we hire in on as need basis insists that its not a server or permissions issues with Rampage but because we upgraded the OSX and CC suite.. (he's incorrect but won't budge on the issue so far)

Our short term work around is to send the files to our sister plant and they create the tiffs needed but its not a viable long term solution for us.
I have suggested these customers get a refresh on their art since we cannot work with it in our currently supported workflow and the sales are hesitant to ask them to do so. (why stir the pot apparently)


Which Esko workflow are you using - AE, Nexus?
Esko / Re: Esko & DCS / Copy dot files
Last post by EmptyWords -
Well so much for the thought of the ticket creating a pdf that won't work in Pandora.

Plato would not solve any of your issues, but it sure will be the cause of new ones. Welcome to Esko, I remember learning ArtPro and the trainer going, you can do it this way or this way and again this way to achieve the exact same outcome, I was like why the hell do they have so many different ways to do the exact same thing, took me a while to get used to the way their software works and all the weird quirks they have, oh and all the pallets that ArtPro had, you could get lost fast fishing through all of them, brings back some feeling lost in the training memories for me.

I was thinking the same, but can understand the "it's how we do it" and we are not going to change, been there and done that many times. I can assure you you have a good grasp of what is going on there for someone with no training on the software, but that is a common theme in this industry, throw you to the wolves, and you can figure this out on the fly/just make it work mentality of the management.

The only thing I can think of is maybe something is wrong with the media boxes in the pdf that the AE convert to pdf did and that is shifting the one up from the cf2.

You do have some head scratchers to figure out, but you are making progress, which is aways good in this line of work. So far I have not been much direct help, but its been forcing me to re-remember a lot of what I have mostly forgotten. Memory lane...

No problem, hopefully you can get it worked out.