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Anybody Updated?
by Slappy
Today at 09:15:35 PM

Add filename without extension
by Slappy
Today at 09:13:25 PM

Pistop Preflight Reports
by scottrsimons
Today at 10:44:03 AM

Xmpie or Fusion Pro
by pspdfppdfxhd
October 20, 2018, 05:33:11 PM


Preflight for black text
by mattbeals
October 19, 2018, 05:30:23 PM

Only took 30 years
by david
October 19, 2018, 04:51:36 PM

Lotem 800 quantum ii waterless to conventional
by mantman
October 19, 2018, 04:19:21 PM

Need a good scanner for Mac High Sierra
by Farabomb
October 19, 2018, 03:30:28 PM

InDesign Export to .txt
by Joe
October 17, 2018, 06:51:59 PM

How to make type into single stroke for engraving
by david
October 17, 2018, 03:25:22 PM

Metal Plate Hanging Tab Thingies
by Farabomb
October 17, 2018, 02:23:14 PM


Acrobat excessive RAM usage
by Joe
October 12, 2018, 06:20:51 PM

Recent Posts
Fujifilm XMF / Anybody Updated?
Last post by Slappy -
I got the update USB a week or so ago, with the very explicit letter to "Not even THINK about performing the update!!!" without contacting Fuji first. Haven't scheduled yet, but I took a minute to open the docs and a few vids on the drive and didn't see anything Earth shattering.
Enfocus / Re: Add filename without extension
Last post by Slappy -
Was going to suggest that, unless you've got to do it repeatedly all day, every day. I bet that can be tied into an Action through Automater to just Drag & Drop the files, or an actionscript.
Enfocus / Re: Add filename without extension
Last post by Kermy812 -
The more I think about it - I guess it's simple enough to select all of the pdf's from the finder right-click and just rename all to remove the .pdf from the filename, the run the action. Then rename all to add the .pdf back.
Enfocus / Re: Pistop Preflight Reports
Last post by scottrsimons -
johnny_jay, yes I have tried Prinergy's preflight, but the world we live in now, everyone needs visuals, and to be spoon fed their own info back to them. It is VERY good in stating how many issues and the DPI and on each page. But in the same case it gives too much info, and yes, I know we can dumb it down (which is also a shame).

abc, I thought I did. But just did it again. Ok, I like it. Now just need to figure out sending that to the CSR/Sales and then to the customer...time to RTFM.  :banana:

Joe, we used to have Insite, but got rid of it, as we were not using it enough to justify the cost. And you are absolutely correct about the Secure Link to the Smart Review especially now that it is all HTML5.
Adobe InDesign / Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro
Last post by pspdfppdfxhd -
Sure enough, struggling along with the demo when a real job comes in with 4 variiable paragraphs with nested variables inside one of them.

Apparently we are doing the job.

Spent the last day learning how to make adobe tagged text files, didn't even know they existed.

Too much to learn if the software company cant give us some help. If they can, and the software is good, the deal will be done. Gotta figure it out by Tuesday.
Enfocus / Add filename without extension
Last post by Kermy812 -
So I have tons of pdfs that are named by the item code, but it's not on the pdf itself. I know I can do add a text action and use the  %Current Document Name% as a variable, but I don't want to add the ".pdf". If my pdf is named CODE_XYZ.pdf, I want to have CODE_XYZ as the code added to the sign. Anyway to do with pitstop?
Enfocus / Re: PitStop Action - create rectangle to trim box dimensions
Last post by Kermy812 -
Oh jeebus... when I was on my PitStop Server 12, I saw that "Add a Stroke to the Trim Box for Visualization" was there, but not on of my PitStop 12 on my workstation. Turns out, I was on update 2 on my local machine. When I installed update 3, I now have "Add a Stroke to the Trim Box for Visualization"! Looking at how the action is built, It appears "add Background" is the step needed to get this done.  :laugh:
Enfocus / Re: Preflight for black text
Last post by mattbeals -
matt: I dissagree. Iit is not smarter for me. There could be same setting for CMYK values and so on as it is in the action in the preflight settings. There could be a button "make it real black" in the navigator (with the preflight results) that should change the collor as the action and the automatical fix do and one doesnt need any collor menu to fix it. The issue is impure black so your aim is the real black one doesnt need more. For the case I shall need more, there could be the smarter and intelligent way of added action.

Bizarre, but if it doesn't work for you then that's fine. Remap color provides a huge amount of flexibility that the built in logic doesn't have. Too many combinations to account for. Even callas and its logic has limitations where using color mapping is more flexible.  You essentially set a range of CMYK colors and have them mapped to separation black, k of cmyk, device gray, etc. And it does it without havin to step through the preflight results; it's just "done'. Much more simplistic and powerful. Your mileage varies.
Adobe Photoshop / Re: Only took 30 years
Last post by david -
yes, it was checked, but it went by so fast and my ole ass eyes didn't catch it fast enough.
and once you start it, you can't cancel.

found out the hard way.