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Variable images (High-end photos) - who is doing these?

I'm looking for some experienced folks working with variable images of high end photography...  photos need to be of people, not just product.
I need some advice of what types of alterations can be made to the photos prior to releasing to print to help get a better result on the digital presses.

The products looking to be printed are booklets, not just postcards - and in higher quantities.. so roll to roll digital printing not sheet-fed... (preferably in-line) so bindery isn't done offline potentially screwing up mailing sort order.

anyone - have experiences they want to share? 

PS. sorry if this covered somewhere already - I didn't scour the archives.
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Re: Variable images (High-end photos) - who is doing these?

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Probably NOT what you're looking for, or of help, but we recently just finished a large order of several hundred thousand sheet fed digital print postcards for a client who had variable images on both sides and each postcard was 100% unique - NO repeating images - and the images were not stored locally - they were called back from a hosted website somewhere else. About the only thing I can tell you is that to speed up the process have all images saved so that when placed they are 100% at the proper desired resolution, because compiling without ppml takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R if each image has to be resized by the application as you're writing the print file. We did ours 2-up in runs of 500 and it took about 20-30 minutes to write each final print file. That's a lot of time when you're doing several hundred thousand, and you make a mistake.

We did this without XMPie or FusionPro. It was some other third party plug-in for InDesign called Easy Catalog.
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