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Topic: White choke in prinergy (Read 328 times) previous topic - next topic

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White choke in prinergy
Hi :hello: ,everyone,im new to prinergy and i try to find out what is the neutral density that will make a spot color to always be choked.
To be more exact i use a pantone [100 C] that is printed as white spot colour on press and i want to always white to be choked under any colour combination and density.

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Re: White choke in prinergy
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You might play with: refine / trap / select CREATE CUTBACKS then play with the numbers
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Re: White choke in prinergy
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Sorry for late reply,i was on holidays,i test it and work exactly how i wanted,Thank You :banana: 
One more thing,seems that if i have vectors and pixels {picture} in same file it works only on vectors and don't choke the white under the pictures

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Re: White choke in prinergy
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Check the "Images' box as shown here:
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Re: White choke in prinergy
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Still no change to pantone (white) under the image,only vectors are affected,i have play with the neutral density and got some interesesting results on the image but no succes on just chocking the pantone under it

Re: White choke in prinergy
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I have play more with the numbers there and i got it work,Problem solved,Thanks alot born2print and Joe :wink: