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Title: Xitron feedback
Post by: rtwdwk on February 29, 2008, 01:41:09 PM
Anyone here using them?
We are doing some evaluation of Xitron (Adobe PDF Print engine) to replace our Brisque rips.

Title: Re: Xitron feedback
Post by: Ear on February 29, 2008, 02:55:17 PM
I am using the Xenith Xitron Extreme and have upgraded to the most recent version.

Comparing them to Brisque? I love my Xitron, it's very fast and efficient, I have very few problems. I'm surprised you're not looking at Prinergy being that you are coming from Brisque. I have messed with Prinergy, a friend at another local shop runs it and it is very nice. I would say quality wise, Prinergy is a step up from Xitron but I feel like my workflow is faster.

You do have better control over trapping and such with Prinergy although I do have some control in Xitron beyond the presets. Depends on what kind of shop you are in.

Feel free to ask questions in this thread or send me a PM.