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Enfocus / Re: FYI WARNING
September 22, 2023, 12:45:25 PM
Turning off automatic updates is probably the best thing for any software these days. At least until you find out that others have had no problems with the latest update of anything. Use the general, uninformed public for guinea pigs.
Enfocus / Re: FYI WARNING
September 21, 2023, 02:02:19 PM
Adobe doesn't have to fix it, it's a feature! Get into the future, man, Adobe don't make mistakes.
Adobe Illustrator / Re: Pantone
September 19, 2023, 04:17:40 PM
Quote from: Captain_Type on September 18, 2023, 11:06:21 AMIt appears that, as of version 27.9, the swatch book workaround no longer works.
The copied books are still in the folder, but no longer appear in Color Books.
They still work in InDesign, but will it last?
That will work until Adobe notices and changes it. Oops, they missed that one.
Adobe Acrobat / Re: Errant Object in Preview
September 11, 2023, 10:59:42 AM
It's a feature.
Enfocus / Re: Switch Update Woes
August 08, 2023, 03:08:11 PM
That's what I was wondering when I started reading that. :lmao:
You may get stuck with a machine that only recognizes unchipped carts, which will then be very hard to find, if things work out as usual.
General Prepress / Re: A newb and his profiles
July 24, 2023, 01:24:55 PM
I'm not much help, except to say that you're not alone. I never had experience with color management and stuff because I always worked in very small places. But just so you don't feel you're unwanted here, we've got something in common and they've let me stay a lot longer than they should.
The Rest... / Re: Adobe Express (Beta)
July 17, 2023, 12:36:08 PM
Try asking it for a bloodsausage.
The Rest... / Re: Adobe Express (Beta)
July 15, 2023, 10:25:19 AM
They should add a special disclaimer somewhere in their voluminous Terms of Service. "Neither Adobe nor any of its subsidiaries will be held responsible in any way for anything customers create using our software."
How about the yellow sludge at the bottom of the fixer compartment of a phototypesetting processor? A co-worker said it looked like baby poop. Except she didn't use the word poop.
Quark Xpress / Re: Big Sur
May 19, 2023, 05:19:35 PM
Maybe what the guy was selling was a different kind of quark.
We just sold our old negs to some place that recovered silver.

Cubitainers? Yeah, and we had a few dirty spouts from them just laying around.
You had protection? Wow. Our MSDS binder was used as a dust catcher.

I once tried to talk our manager into submitting our place for the show "Dirty Jobs." I figured if cleaning out a couple of processors didn't qualify, nothing would. She wouldn't go for it.
Damn, that's a deal. We had one almost just like that with a different workflow. The whole thing cost about ten times that. At least that's what my boss said.
AI is fine but you can send the printer a PDF to be safe. 

Hey, it's fine to help out somebody once in a while. It gets to be a problem when people start to expect you to do freebies. Since your neighbor has been in the biz she probably won't take advantage.