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Started by Meesh, January 06, 2021, 10:38:15 AM

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Quote from: Joe on January 07, 2021, 09:00:50 AM
Prinergy 9, Preps 9, and VPS+ will be released at the end of this month if no new issues pop up. To upgrade to it we're going to have to have Kodak upgrade our servers to Windows 19 Server as you can't run the new software on Windows 2012 Server that we are running now. Always something...
Jumping right in when it comes out, or are you holding off like some do, and wait til the dust settles before upgrading. At least that's they way we do it. I knew it was coming, just didn't realize it was so soon. Will be nice to have the server upgraded too. The only bad thing is having to listen to them trying to sell us all the new cloud services and tell us how it will make us more profitable (so we can pay another Kodak monthly fee).
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Anyone on version 8.4 (I think 8.4 but I'm sure it is 8.something) and above are entitled to free cloud service from Kodak which backs up all of your jobs to the cloud as well as the nightly config backup. I signed up for this a couple of months ago and it works great after the initial backup of all of your jobs which takes a couple of days to complete. Or at least it did for me. After that initial backup it then only backups new or changed data nightly. You can contact Kodak for this. You do have to have a support contract to get this for free.

We usually wait awhile before upgrading to a new major version but I'm hoping to retire in a few months so I need to get this upgraded before I abandon ship since it will require the OS to be updated and might need some tweaking before I leave.
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