Impostrip can make multiple webs signature like Preps ?

Started by joaodaffonsojr, November 26, 2019, 06:30:05 AM

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Hello !

I´m testing a demo version of Ultimate Impostrip 2019, and I didn´t find out how to make multiple web signature.
I have a A5 book the has 144 pages so I need 5 signatures, 4 of them with 32 pages and 1 signature with 16 pages.
In Preps I have a template with multiple web, 1st web perfector and 2nd web single side work turn.

How do I make this on Impostrip ?

any help is very welcome !

thanks !


Let´s see if a made my self clear ...
I´m attaching some print screens to make more clear...

I need to make a template on Impostrip with 3 kinds of signature, on the same template.
to hold 32 or 16 or 8 pages.
any chance to get some help ?

thanks guys !


Not familiar with Impostrip but maybe someone will come along on Monday
holiday weekend and all!