WANTED: Preps 5.3 or above with Dongle

Started by talon, May 24, 2019, 07:17:06 PM

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Hello guys,
Does anyone have an old Kodak Preps ver 5.3 or above with the dongle they would like to sell? If you do then please send me an email with a price.

Thank you



I have a few Preps 5.3 dongles.
We moved to Prinergy and Preps 8 in 2017.
I am not totally sure how it would work for you though, I know you may have to pay Kodak to activate or switch the ownership of the dongles.
I did this myself about 4-5 years ago when i purchased a Preps dongle from someone and i had to pay Kodak to move the license.
I will look into this Monday and get back to you.
I have all the installers as well.
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