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Topic: CC apps suddenly unusable on 2nd Mac (Read 849 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: CC apps suddenly unusable on 2nd Mac
Reply #30
Did the fix SgrHill provide not work?
I been following this and need to know :laugh:

Re: CC apps suddenly unusable on 2nd Mac
Reply #31
He was uninstalling a trial version of pitstop 13, so i have my doubts that it would work.
 But apparently adobe are looking into it... ;-)

I just close the app every so often... a lot if I am using it a lot (especially with image heavy files) but only every hour or so if not. And always close it when i leave for the day

Re: CC apps suddenly unusable on 2nd Mac
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Hooked in to this conversation.  :hello:
No, my colleague installed a full license of Pitstop v13, but I uninstalled this in order to install this on the system of another colleague. The uninstall procedure did go well and I migrated the license info to that system. My other colleague works now without problem with it.

Two colleagues of mine work with Enfocus Pitstop V13.2 without problem. No memory problems.

Re: CC apps suddenly unusable on 2nd Mac
Reply #33
ah ok... sorry I thought I read a trial version of 13.
 But I think most of us are on preps 17 now? And I have only had this happen since sept 1 2017, was perfectly fine and running normally before then.