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We're having a lot of problems with pdfs these days on our Konica printers.

They are both on Windows 7, one has an older fiery rip and the other one only has a controller, no rip.

Has anyone ever used one computer (with an updated rip) to send jobs to more than one printer? I know with CWS you can add many printers if they have a rip. We do have fiery XF server running for our epson and I can connect to that and also the Konica that has a rip. 

Am I whistling dixie here?

Windows / Outlook mail folder behaviour
February 28, 2024, 11:09:59 AM
Oh oh, here I am in the Windows thread!

Anyone ever made folders in Outlook based on the rule move to folder ie. to the JOE BLOW folder BUT kept that email in the Inbox as well? I know how to setup to move to a folder but not how to keep it in the inbox as well. 

You can do it on the Mac with a Smart Folder but outlook does not seem to do it.
Enfocus / wtf
January 11, 2024, 03:22:01 PM
PitStop Pro compatibility problems on macOS after upgrading to Adobe Acrobat (v2023.008.20423 or v2023.008.20458)

After the recent upgrade of Adobe Acrobat (v2023.008.20423 and v2023.008.20458) on the macOS, PitStop Pro no longer functions as expected, and the document can appear "white" after editing the document using a Preflight Profile, Action List, or making a Global Change or when using the Edit text line and Edit paragraph tools.

The latest release of Adobe Acrobat (v2023.008.20423 or v2023.008.20458) on a macOS appears to have changed the behavior of the PitStop Pro when using the Navigator window.
When running a Preflight Profile, Action List, or Global Change in PitStop Pro, if the setting to "Show results > Always" is set and the Navigator window opens, the page will appear white where the document is supposed to be while scrolling, zooming, etc. seem broken until you close and open the document again.

We are aware of the issue and are working toward a resolution.
If you are experiencing the issue with the Navigator window, you can set "Show results > Never" as a workaround when running a Preflight Profile, Action List, or making a Global Change.
If you require the displayed results in the Navigator window, currently, downgrading Acrobat is the only solution for versions of Acrobat that are already upgraded.
Unfortunately, there is no workaround if you are experiencing the issue when editing text. You can restore a previous Acrobat version if you have a backup. Or you can contact Adobe to get some guidance on how to downgrade Acrobat.
If you have a Time Machine backup or another backup of your system, you can roll back Acrobat to a version from before the automatic update of Acrobat. The process is explained on the Apple website here:
If you do not have a backup, please get in touch with Adobe for information on downgrading Acrobat Pro. After downgrading Acrobat, you must rerun the PitStop Pro installer.
After successfully downgrading Acrobat, disable the automatic updates of Acrobat in the Acrobat preferences > Updater > Automatically install updates." (NOTE: Any Acrobat installer reenables the "Updater" preference and should be disabled to prevent it from silently updating again.)
Adobe Acrobat / Update to Acrobat caused problems
January 04, 2024, 10:22:44 AM
Just a heads up.

On my new Mac if forgot to change the default setting in Acrobat to turn off the automatic updates.

It went to version .20458 and all kinds of crazy crap started happening especially with PitStop.

Luckily, I was able to copy back version .20423 from a time machine backup from last Friday. The OS is Ventura 13.6.3
General Prepress / Need a new
November 30, 2023, 10:17:17 AM
We need a new Mac here. Thought it might be easy just to get another 27 inch iMac but they only seem to make 24 inch ones now. Could there be an alternative? I think 24 is too small after using a 27.

September 20, 2023, 08:38:22 AM
PitStop Pro Mac users, don't update yet to the latest Adobe version
Dear Paul,
 This week, Adobe released a new update for Adobe Acrobat (v2023.006.20320). Unfortunately, the Mac version of this update introduced a problem for PitStop Pro: when you select an object(s) in PitStop Pro, the selected objects and anchor points are not displayed, however, as seen in the Inspector tool the object is selected, and the functionality of PitStop Pro remains. There is no workaround for this issue, so we would like to advise PitStop users on a Mac not to update Acrobat at this time. Windows users are not affected. 
 We have reported the issue to Adobe, and are in discussion with their engineers on how to resolve the issue. Please be assured that we will resolve this issue as soon as possible. When there is a fix, we will let you know via email. 
 There is a knowledgebase article available on the topic.
 In general, we recommend turning off automatic updates for Acrobat, to prevent inconvenient consequences in PitStop in the future.
 Kind regards 
 Tim Bernaerdt
 Head of Customer Success
Adobe Acrobat / Reducing pdf size
August 30, 2023, 05:08:21 PM
Okay, i feel that i have exhausted all attempts on my part but i will put up the problem here. 

We print a quarterly magazine here that is somewhere between 90 to 120 pages. 4 color and full of every transparency crap that the designer can throw at it.

Of course they need an online pdf to distribute, so i have to come up with something under 10MB for them. It's always a struggle but this one won't go down below 14MB. I have tried everything that i know how to do but no luck. Pitstop.. etc, even an ultra thin pdf which down samples to 36 dpi and screws up the fonts does not work. Its their problem for sending in the load of crap indd work but i really wish i could help them.

Anyone been in this (sinking) boat?
General Prepress / Bryce Secap 26k manual
June 02, 2023, 08:58:45 AM
Good day,

Just a shot in the dark but does anyone have a digital copy of a user manual for a Bryce Secap 26k envelope printer?

Its an old envelope printer. Probably 25 years or so.

Quark Xpress / HELP!
March 31, 2023, 08:24:46 AM
I being attacked for print errors related to exporting pdfs to impose from QuarkXpress 2021. First of all they won't trap on our rip. I told the client 10 years ago to stop using Quark but he would not. He gets a variety of pdfs from various suspicious sources that cause problems. Half of the ads I generally have to rasterize in photoshop.

So do any of the professionals on the forum want to back me up in case I need to go to court? Like they indict me like Donald? Please keep jokes to a minimum, my hair is falling out, turning gray and am starting to look like Bernie Sanders.

Adobe InDesign / mirroring guides
October 12, 2022, 08:35:46 AM
I wonder if anyone has ever managed to mirror guides in InDesign. For example, you've laid out a complex pocket folder or something like that.... you do the front one on board then want to "mirror" those guides to work on the back. Professor Google does not seem to know.
September 28, 2022, 07:05:51 AM
Is it just me or has anyone found that the green sticky note abomination has returned to Acrobat... one of the updates?

Joe, you got out just in time.
I feel like this might be a shot in the dark but here goes.

We were printing from a Windows 7 that had to be erased and it was reinstalled with Windows 10.

After downloading the 1200 driver we found that many of the options were not in the controller, it's not a rip, its just a print driver. Anyone else ever ran into this?
Macintosh / erasing hard drive
February 10, 2022, 05:30:55 AM
Okay, my Mac is sick (startup problems, font problems), it's still working but what a headache. I updated the OS to Catalina last friday over Mojave and man is it buggy.

We really have not done a complete re-install here. Always, with a new Mac, migrating from time machine.

I really am afraid of wiping out the drive and re-installing everything but I am afraid that's the only way to get things back to normal.

I know with CC it should not be a problem, I have all activation codes for Pitstop etc. and know all IP addresses and passwords (I hope) in the network. Should I take the big plunge and pull the trigger on this? I don't see any other option at this point.
The Rest... / Visual FoxPro
January 28, 2022, 10:21:32 AM
Weird question here but....

Does anyone know how we can get a copy of Visual FoxPro to download. It's an older Microsoft programming application that we need.
Macintosh / Update Mojave to Big Sur
January 11, 2022, 07:10:25 AM
We've finally reached the point where we have to upgrade from Mojave to Big Sur. Adobe applications are no longer compatible.

Entails upgrades to the RIP, Pitstop, Quite Imposing and QuarkXpress. :vomit: (one client still uses it). Just wondering if there is something I should look out for that might be a surprise.


The Rest... / missing lines of type on plate
November 18, 2021, 06:35:45 PM
How do you explain when one line of type disappears on a plate from a client supplied pdf? We have imposed thousands of these in the past ten years or so without errors. I have seen this happen a few times in past 20 years. Suddenly i am asked to explain why this happened. I have done the usual troubleshooting, nothing amiss. Same font with numerous headings in the pdf but this one just dropped out. Was it the result of a full moon or something?  :facepalm: :facepalm:
Adobe Acrobat / Image Editing split photos
November 17, 2021, 04:59:34 PM
I wonder if there is an efficient way of editing split photos a pdf. For example, I have an 80 page pdf that is going to need extensive color correction on a lot of photos. Problem is, all the photos are split. Some have 2 sections, some have 4 or more. If i shift select, they open in Illustrator and how do you manage curves with that? What i have done in the past is correct one section, save the curve and apply it to the other parts. With this pdf it would be pretty daunting. I will have to create a new pdf using Indesigns place multi page pdf to get crop marks (there are no bleeds) and wonder if this will kind of normalize the pictures into one section each. I haven't tried that yet. The pdf was created in some shit-ass pdf creator out there. Not Publisher, but i know it does the same thing.

Oh, I get paid by the hour so saving 500 curves or so to the desktop to manage the corrections might bump up the overtime.  :drunk3:
Enfocus / reverting to older version of pitstop
October 16, 2021, 09:21:46 AM
Yikes.... my pitstop pro 2021 trial has expired and I am stranded here because I am unable to revert to version 13.

I had gone on the trial because of the recent display problems but forgot and am trying to use the old version we had before but am not able to figure it out. I want to do the "do not update Acrobat" workaround for the time being.

I have googled this to death! HELP!
Hi y'all,

We are looking for a Komori pressman up here (or down there if you are above us) in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Either 26 inch 4 color or 28 inch 5 color.

Needed ASAP.

General Prepress / Lockbit ransomeware attack
September 22, 2021, 05:25:31 AM
We've had the second lockbit attack in 3 weeks. It encrypts all the files on a server with a .lockbit extension and the hackers are hoping that you will pay the money to unlock your files. Payable in bitcoin I think. I see today that files are being copied back slowly on the server so the IT guy must have been working overnight to fix it from a cloud backup. Hard to say how much work we lost depending on what the date is on the backup coming back in. Seems to be sidestepping our virus/malware software. Not affecting Macs yet, maybe it can't. Not sure how it's getting in but one of our salespeople is suspect, perhaps downloading porn?