InDesign/Acrobat/PhotoShop tricks

Started by DigiCorn, April 15, 2024, 02:47:32 PM

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Having been out of the game a few years, I ran into a couple issues today and discovered two new (to me anyway) cool tricks.

If you need an image from an Acrobat file (without any of the text or crap someone might have included in the file), open the file in Photoshop. When you get the preview window, tic the radio button that says, "images," (it defaults to whatever you did last). Voila - an unmolested image.

#2, in InDesign, which was freshly installed on my machine, the default setting for image handling was set to Auto-Fit "on." This meant every time I tried to edit the frame on a placed image, the image would resize and/or distort. To turn the default Auto-Fit, "off," it's not in the preferences - you have to go to Object --> Fitting --> Frame Fitting Options and turn it off there.
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Sometimes I wonder if they don't create the list of default options just to fuck with us users? 

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