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Started by hurm, June 16, 2022, 11:58:01 AM

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Is there a possibility to make a layout like this? Pages with different sizes.
Let's say, first page (1) is a 99x210mm, but last page (4) is a 188x210mm? (Like a flap(s) or something)
Can it done by Create Imposition? Or should it do always manually?



Unfortunately - Manually

I have never found a better way to do it - Maybe someone else has some ideas.
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I'm really wondering, why Kodak didn't make a this possibility to make a such a layout till now, 2022?
I'll remember, on old good days when we used a TrueFlow with FlatWorker, there was a possibility to make a such a layout.


You have been able to do this in Preps since at least version 5 which is the first version I used. Use independent pages to set it up with different page sizes. Save As a template and then select that template when you create imposition.
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