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Best program for editing xls files
Yes, I know it's probably excel but is there a free one for Mac that won't pork things too bad? I have libre office but I've seen what it can do to word docs and it's not pretty.
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Re: Best program for editing xls files
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Never had any issues working with an XLS file in LibreOffice. Just make sure you are running the latest version. Latest version that you can run on your Mac that is.
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Re: Best program for editing xls files
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...and prolly DO NOT use Google Sheets!
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Re: Best program for editing xls files
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Agreed... I have been using Numbers, on the Mac to adjust spreadsheets from excel for a while now. Works well for me. And free... with a new Mac, at least...
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Re: Best program for editing xls files
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I use open office on my mac at work, and at home now that I think about it. XLS are fine. Docs are garbage, messes them up something fierce. I wish it had a delete duplicates feature though, too many mailing lists that I have to teamviewer into a PC in our shop to use its old M$ Excel. :-\