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Re: Creative Cloud fonts

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I have some brokers that rent space from us. One is smart enough that is he has questions he comes and asks me. The other one can't operate a lightswitch, nevermind figure out a print job. I'm not kidding in the least. He was running around one day with his laptop in his hands asking everyone for help. I refuse to help him in any way because he's an amazing asshole and I can. Turns out he couldn't get his laptop to turn on.

It was because he wasn't pressing the power button.
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It's more like grip, grip, grip, noise, then spin and 2 feet in and feel shame.
I once knew a plus-sized girl and this pretty much describes teh secks. :rotf:
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Re: Creative Cloud fonts

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I am painfully aware that there are other printers who demand outdated file formats. They would still be running film too, if it was cheap and available.

Like Farabomb says, get with the times. I do know what it is like to operate old software and technology, and it sucks. I threw the waxer away years ago, mang. From my perspective... trying to stay current to offer my clients the best product, while achieving the most ROI for my company benefits everyone. We invest in technology and take the time to learn it and educate others... but we will always run into those who dig in their heels, just to be stubborn and not change. Or too lazy to learn?
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Re: Creative Cloud fonts

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I thought quoting their website might draw them out.  :evil: "I'm a driver, I'm a winner... things are gonna change, I can feel it"

There is a thread over at PrintPlanet titled "creative cloud subscription a ripoff" (no I did not start it!) and that didn't draw them out either. :rotf:
There was one thread that went on for months on Adobe's own forums squawking about CC, and another offering alternatives to Adobe's products. People submitted several lists of all kinds of options. If those didn't bother them....
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