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Preflight profile for overprint dark objects

Hi all

I cant see any check for overprint dark objects in preflight profiles. The only way, I see, is to add the Overprint Dark Objects into changes in Extra Action lists. But it is no check but fix and there are no logs after applying.
I like the preflight profile process ...... run the profile .... show me errors .... let me see objects/whatever one by one.... offer me solutions ... fix it
But in this case, it is an action without logs and control

Re: Preflight profile for overprint dark objects

Reply #1
There's a reason they are not in the preflight profile. Such checks are so diverse, and the permutations so great, that the interface would be a nightmare.
By allowing it to be an Action list then you allow a high degree of customization.
What you effectively want is two select actions, one for dark objects, a second for overprinting, an 'and' to link them together, and then a 'log selection' if they are found, for which you can write your own error message.
I'll cover this one in the next monthly workshop. If you have any suitable demo files can you share?

Re: Preflight profile for overprint dark objects

Reply #2
abc: yes here it is, the test file.

the situation is... this week Ive made two mystakes during my prepress work, I dint find overprint in attached pdf and the impure CMYK black /my previous topic/ in another data and let the data go on to the print....and you know the next steps... my manager went  :strangle: ..... and than " you should be more careful!!!"  :gom:  ........ we use pitstop server to preflight pdf .....so now I am triing to modify the preflight profile to reveal these issues

I can imagine the nighmare but overprint for black text is included in preflight menu and I think it is almost the same

Re: Preflight profile for overprint dark objects

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What workflow are you using? If the 100% K text knockout was the issue, prinergy has an option to make all 100% K set to overprint. Even then I go through the imposed file and toggle black to see if anything is funky.
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Re: Preflight profile for overprint dark objects

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we use agfa apogee.... but this is diffrent work.... we add a cutter guides into customers pdf and we are suppose to check and correct the data and send it back.... when the pdf come in the apogee workflow it is supposed to be checked and corrected