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UCR for printing on Offset stock
We are looking to start printing on more Offset stocks. So we are looking how other printers prepare for this is just Offset curve for the press or do you prepare the files differently ( UCR on all the photo's)we use the Epson 9000 for our color proofs. i would love everyone's input thanks

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Re: UCR for printing on Offset stock
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I'd look at using GCR with a device link to standardize the separations.
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Re: UCR for printing on Offset stock
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What are you using for workflow,  Prinergy or ?

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Re: UCR for printing on Offset stock
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We use a lower line screen and curves to adjust for offset stocks.

Re: UCR for printing on Offset stock
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We GCR and have a specific curve for offset stock and lower linescreen. We are Prinergy users.

It seems to work quite well for us.

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Re: UCR for printing on Offset stock
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Thanks Guys I was away for the past week we are using Heidelberg Prinect for our workflow and we are using 200 line and 150 line screens on the plates. from what I can see we need a curve for un coated paper. we have been using the 150 line screen, and it helps, but we need that curve in order to get us there. The customer is very particular about there color and they want the color proofs to good. We tried using an un coated profile in Photoshop and the customer didn't like it. So I think we need to look into an Offset cure.

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Re: UCR for printing on Offset stock
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Wanna do it right you should have a GraCol G7 tech come in and set you up. Check with your ink company. Some are now providing it as a free service for buying their inks.
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