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Topic: XMF ID Error 4822-0002 (Read 104 times) previous topic - next topic

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XMF ID Error 4822-0002
Hi there, im kind of newbie in the XMF actually im just the operator but today my ctp (luxel 9660) isnt working and when i start the XMF Server hangs with the Error "ID 4822-0002 Error extracting capability"

i was reading some of the topics here and i cant find any solution. A fellow technichian told me it could be my SCSI board or the cable that connects with the ctp.
any suggestions??

btw, sorry for my broken english.

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Re: XMF ID Error 4822-0002
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Way above my pay grade, (Yeah I need a raise) :laugh:

Can you call Fuji? do you have a maintenance license?

Did you try shutting everything down, Server, Imagesetter?

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Re: XMF ID Error 4822-0002
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Out of my league too. Ours is a smaller V6, about to be de-commissioned. It was a FireWire connection; I know it had to be (or prefers to be) shut down in the order XMF > Luxel > Server box. Reverse for start-up.

SCSI may be different, but a Roy (The IT Crowd), shut it down and all back up again would be a first move.  Beyond that, it's a 
skilled-tech-with-manual job, I'd say.
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Re: XMF ID Error 4822-0002
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Like frailer said, turning it off an on again, usually gets any errors we have on our Javelin. Our Proofmaker/Platemaker guy usually shuts down the Javelin when he takes off for the day, about 2-3 hours before I do, and we usually have to restart the XMF server to get the Javelin to connect again. Sometimes, closing a windows error popup on the XMF server box that such-and-such service has stopped can fix it too.