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Title: Unemployed Prepress Operator
Post by: ddbray on July 10, 2009, 08:46:42 PM
I have been unemployed since December 2008. The job market is rough. I have 17 years experience in prepress and 15 years in photography. No one is hireing. I am now going back to school to get a degree in computer programing. I still need a part time job and will continue to look.

The problem is I have sold everything I have worked for and I am now broke. So since the internet reaches everyone I thought what if a few people would send me a dollar or two just so I can get my bills caught up. I would greatly appreciate it and god would smile on you. My email is ddbray@ctvea.net if you are interested in helping me out contact me and I will give you my mailing address.

Thanks so much.
Title: Re: Unemployed Prepress Operator
Post by: gnubler on July 11, 2009, 12:00:07 AM
Having strangers send you a dollar or two will not help you. Prepress has been going downhill for years - it comes as no surprise. A good suggestion is to do what a lot of us are doing and that is to learn web/internet skills. The bonus of it is that it costs absolutely nothing as there are endless tutorials and free information available online. I was hired for a "prepress" job in 2007 and today I spend about 75% of my time doing web related work. I'm honestly beginning to doubt if I will ever output plates, smell ink, or trap files ever again - I hang out at this forum for sentimental reasons. Knowing and understanding how to incorporate graphics is crucial, but there's a lot more to learn. If this turns you off I will suggest starting a potato farm in your back yard.
Title: Re: Unemployed Prepress Operator
Post by: frailer on July 12, 2009, 06:24:30 AM

ddbray, we feel for you in your situation, but doubt that the forum is a good place for financial help. My feeling on it is that members here are going to be more help with ideas about alternatives, as gnubler has already done.
Stay in touch, because knowledge and "networking" are likely to be of more benefit to you than a few dollars. Hope your studies go well. I think, though, that gnub is on a correct track there. Web is expanding and reinventing itself all the time. Depending on what your programming course is; that can be a shaky and short-lived area.
Sounds like your finances are at rock-bottom, but if you have been able to enroll in a course, then at some stage maybe take a look at lynda.com. For less than $300 you get full access for a year, 24/7, to their entire library. The instruction is top-level, and they cover every corner of web-development, graphics, animation, sound...huge. And huge value.

We hope you fare well over the coming months....stay in touch and hit us with any questions/ideas you may have.

Title: Re: Unemployed Prepress Operator
Post by: ninjaPB_43 on July 13, 2009, 01:00:27 AM
There with you dd.  It's rough.  But like Gnub said Diversify Maaaaan...    :wink: :ninja: