Prinergy 8.2 Job Home Names Truncate

Started by joch230, May 18, 2021, 08:12:26 AM

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We use a Dell/EMC Isilon cluster running as a Prinergy job server and Dell/EMC is making us update to OneFS 8.2 to continue support. However, this "upgrade" has a limitation regarding the SmartConnect load balancing function where any queries to it will fail unless you use the FQDN. In the past, you could use an IP or the DNS short name. All our Prinergy job volumes/home use the DNS shortname. Prinergy allows me to create new Job volumes with the FQDN. But, there are sections in different Process Templates and in the SmartHotfolder section where you need to "browse to" the volume/path you want to use for a Device but Prinergy has truncated the volume names that use the FQDN as they are quite a bit longer than the DNS short name volumes.

For example. In the below SmartHotfolder config, the current path using the DNS short name works fine, but if try to browse to where the SmartHotfolder would be using the FQDN volume in the volumes list, it's trucated after the first "dot". Kodak says I could put a feature request change in but it would go in the pile with a bunch of other requests. I'm thinking about not using the Isilon load balancing and manually balancing the Prinergy Primary to one node and the secondaries to the remaining 2 nodes and seeing how that goes. 


Just curious....have you asked Dell or Kodak support if there is anyway around this "upgrade" limitation?

Also instead of browsing to the volume/path will it let you copy/paste the full FQDN or do you have to go through the browse button?
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I haven't asked Dell/EMC if they have a way of bypassing the limitation of only using the FQDN to communicate with their load balancing software. Or if they would allow us to stay at our current, fully functional version and still support it. But I doubt they would as they have end-of-lifed it. I thought I would try the forums, first.

I did get this response on the GUA forum so I'll see if I get any more info from the Kodak Workflow guy referrenced below. I can paste the FQDN path into the Prinergy process templates but it doesn't recognize it correctly. If I map a drive to it on the Prinergy primary and paste that mapped path into the process template, it works. So, that would be a workaround for that. But, on the SmartHotfolders, it doesn't let you type or paste anything. Only browse to the truncated path. I we use the SmartHotfolders with RBA for a lot of jobs. Here is that 1st response from the GUA forum:

Today, 03:50 PM
That looks like a bug to me.

I have some FQDN's configured as Volumes in Prinergy Administrator (as opposed to HostName or IP Address) too.
I get a few more characters than you because my hostname is shorter - still just 15 characters though.

In the Smart Hot Folder Location selection dialog box, It appears the number of characters for the Share Name is limited to 15.
Once you select that (button at the bottom of the Screen) you get a partial UNC path. That's the path that's being passed back and forth between Workshop and the Server.

If you Packet Capture Prinergy's request to list the Volumes. You can see that Prinergy is passing the Incorrect & truncated value back to Workshop
Client -> GIOP REQUEST op=GetVolumes
Server -> GIOP REPLY No Exception
The Stub Data of the Reply Packet contains the bad UNC Path.

Then Workshop asks for the SubFolders of the Invalid UNC Path
Client -> GIOP REQUEST op=GetDirectoryInfo_P302
Server -> GIOP REPLY No Exception
The server returns no subFolders, because the UNC path does not exist.

Maybe michael.bialko can check to see if there is a PR for this?


Apparently, this is a known Prinergy bug they are looking into fixing in a later Prinergy 9.x upgrade.