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Re: Imposition software for short-run digital
« Reply #15 on: September 26, 2009, 05:08:30 PM »
Never had that sort of problem, though their PDFs (out of Dyna), are a little suss, so it doesn't surprise me. I've only ever sent Dyna-imposed to out Fuji Celebrant RIP, which is  pretty thorough.
By 'suss' I mean if, say, I do Pitstop changes to the Dyna PDF, I can never Save As. Always an error message. But I can save and rename later. Acrobat will not rewrite the file. That's where the Adobe-compliance thing comes in, I guess.
What version is your new place on? If they are going to keep it, and it's v5.x, then they'd be well-advised to upgrade to v6. just out.
And yep, sounds like you may have to flatten~resave...or place in Indy and reExport, the other way to 'clean up' Dyna PDFs. I'm pretty quick at that... :laugh: Or open in Acrobat 9 and tweak'n'save. You'll get a routine.

Sounds like the DI RIP is not going to treat current route of supplying them very well. But you'll soon find a method that works reliably. They're not wanting to edit at the other end, are they? I assume not. If you're doing any edits, just make sure you've got the layered PDF source files(s). Either way, it'll be extra steps, but not too demanding, IMO.

But, having said that, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. If that's what they've got, you will tame the beast, believe me. I've had a lot fewer years in digital pp than you, and Dyna does not give me lip anymore.
Cowers in the corner and does what I tell it to. But every now and then reveals a little trick or 2 I didn't know it possessed.
BTW, you seem to be talking about flatwork/ganging. That's Dyna's forté. Haha...once you get used to the way it "works".    :grin:

Post back. And yeah, start telling your new boss it's really OK. We'll be working in the background.   :evil:

...begs the question though. If she's been supplying Dyna PDFs, has it happened to her? I'm at home on a Sunday morning here...but in the Print dialogue, should be a drop-down for which Acrobat version/compatibility to save to. I have mine set to Acrobat 7, in my case, the latest.

But, in the final analysis, Joe would rather drop an anvil on his toe than use Dyna, so you're in distinguished company.    :cheesy:

Sheesh, the bots have been busy. 2068 'reads'.   :rolleyes: We could use a nom-de-net for Dyna; but I guess they'd just re-program the little buggers.   :angry:
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