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Poor Richard's Printshop

I can not stress the stress us printers are going through. In the next couple of years many plants will bite the dust for sure. I was listening to a talk show on the radio yesterday about people having a hard time receiving their unemployment checks after filing and most of the callers happened to be in the printing business. Half of those were pre-press techs. About once a month I'll check out "Poor Richard" website and he has some interesting things to say like always. What I found interesting is the single "comment" (located at the end of the article) that was left by someone who had a bad experience with online printers, and apparently many others too. http://poorrichard.wordpress.com/
I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem?
In this hard economic climate we are all in, try to work closely with your favorite local printers if all possible to help stimulate your hometown businesses.
Thanks a bunch! jim                This is a post I posted on GDF to make aware of some of the pitfalls of online printers in a nice way.

Re: Poor Richard's Printshop

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Excellent post, thanks Jim, I've book marked the blog. There's some good reading there as well.

I've just been doing some freelance work for a local restaurant, all the printing went down a mile down the road to a local guy.
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Re: Poor Richard's Printshop

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Good reminder, he's in my Blog Faves but I don't always scroll down to read his posts.
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