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Topic: Artpro PPC support (Read 1618 times) previous topic - next topic

Artpro PPC support

Does the latest version still support the PPC or is it intel only. If it is intel only what was the last version that supported the PPC?

I seem to remember reading they were dropping support for the PPC but due to declining brain cell activity can't remember what/when.

Re: Artpro PPC support

Reply #1
If they have a download for PPC or Universal they still support PPC. If all they have is an Intel version then they don't.
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Re: Artpro PPC support

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They still support the PPC chip (for how long, who knows), that is what we are currently running our ArtPro/PowerStepper on. The only thing they do not have anymore are separate versions for both. Now they only have a universal version for all the Artworks software.
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Re: Artpro PPC support

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Thanks was hoping they were intel only now so we could tell 'em we need new macs :cry:

On a related note I just set up a workflow in nexus that deletes 2 layers and then pastes on another artpro file saving me from doing it manually to 43 items. It's my first really customized workflow I'm geeked!