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Re: Spot colors not printing on plate

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OK I placed this into InDesign CS2 exported as PDF using the output convert to CMYK and none of the spots converted! They R not missing just no conversion. Using the Ink manager's "convert all to process" worked tho. Nothing missing all converted.
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Re: Spot colors not printing on plate

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Did you make a plate? Everything showed right but it did not come out on the plate. I'll try the Ink Manager and see if that works.

Re: Spot colors not printing on plate

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Ok maybe i'm lost now.  How do you exported as PDF using the output convert to CMYK, without using the Ink Manager?  I changed the spot colors in the swatches and exported a pdf and they converted.

Re: Spot colors not printing on plate

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I took all the pages in the 2 PDF files you linked here. I placed them all in InDesign CS3, left the swatches pallet alone, exported a new PDF and converted the spots to process in the Ink Manager from within the PDF export dialog box. The resulting PDF had all of the spots converted to CMYK with nothing missing. I then refined the pages in Prinergy and output 1 bit tiffs to our CTP. I didn't waste any plates so I viewed the resulting files in Photoshop. Nothing was missing. All of the objects that were originally spot were in the CMYK plate files. So then I tried running the job as CMYK + spots and made plate files again. Still nothing was missing. Everything that was spot was on it's own plate file. I tried to get it to do what is happening to you and I can't make it but I don't have True Flow.
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Re: Spot colors not printing on plate

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This is indeed a shop specific problem I believe.  I mean, Steve is saying that even though the PDF created from Indesign(after converting spots via the pallet) shows NO SPOT when viewed in Acrobat, that once he puts it through Trueflow, Trueflow is seeing the converted items as a spot.  EVEN THOUGH the item is a CMYK image in acrobat.  Personally I think it's a glitch and one that you probably won't find a reason for.  Steve, if I were still there and this had popped up, I would have just transformed my Operating Procedure to adopt one of these other successful methods you've listed...  that's just my take on it...    :ninja:
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Re: Spot colors not printing on plate

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HAs you tried to rename the job into the work flow and seen if you get different results. Maybe somehow something is getting stuck on the original job with the spot problem? And have you tried a POPO to the system?

Just sounds so strange.
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Re: Spot colors not printing on plate

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I sure want to THANK EVERYONE for your help !!!!! This is a great site for info. If i have anymore questions i will be back!!!