Author Topic: Axaio MadeToPrint now imposes jobs as you export them  (Read 2462 times)

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Axaio MadeToPrint now imposes jobs as you export them
« on: July 29, 2009, 10:24:56 AM »
axaio software announces today the availability of the latest version of its MadeToPrint line of products. This version adds the capability to output fully imposed PDFs to its feature set.

axaio’s MadeToPrint offers the capability of standardizing the output of InDesign or Quark documents. Many times files need to be sent to different locations, with different file requirements, or one file can contain multiple language versions. MadeToPrint allows saving all these settings in one simple PrintJob for consistent hassle free output. MadeToPrint also permits full file-naming control, offering the user the capability to define the name on a set of variables such as Time, Machine Name, Language version, etc.

axaio’s MadeToPrint product line consists of MadeToPrint Standard, MadeToPrint Auto and MadeToPrint Server adding each time a level of automation and resilience. The Auto and Server versions integrate seamlessly into publishing systems like vjoon’s K4 or WoodWing’s Smart Connection Enterprise and Enfocus’ Switch automation platform.

While axaio already had the capability of creating single page output from a multi-page document for easier imposition, it now adds the capability to impose anything from simple booklets to fully-fledged brochures and books. The technology comes from axaio’s sister company callas and is used in callas pdfToolbox and pdfToolbox Server. It is a powerful yet very easy imposition engine that does not take an expert to use it. MadeToPrint is already very popular with big publishing houses around the globe, now, this feature combined with all of axaio’s other output functionality, opens MadeToPrint up for digital and conventional printers.

axaio’s MadeToPrint PrintJobs can now also be exported and imported for easier exchange of output setting amongst users or towards customers.

If you would like more information please visit or contact me directly.
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Re: Axaio MadeToPrint now imposes jobs as you export them
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2009, 03:54:51 PM »

This imposition thing  seems to be changing rapidly. I just made a decision, which I may yet's $$, as always; to drop off the Dynagram wagon. We will still have the old v4, and also PREPS v5, but if we (hopefully) upgrade to Fujifilm XMF (APPE), soon, will be relying as well on its inbuilt imposition, based largely on JDF Templates. Fingers crossed. Fuji bought some Japanese-based impo app some time back, and incorporated it into XMF. Name escapes me for the moment.
They assure me that it will do "98%" of our impo tasks. I've believed reps in the past... :rolleyes:

Imposition, at a reasonable level, seems to be floating downstream.

Thanks for the info, Matt.

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