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Help with font/logo
Here's the story.  Last year a competing paper sponsored an event at a local mall.  This year we are sponsoring it.  The mall used all the same logos as last year on all of the promotions but used our company name.  Unfortunately what they used is a 72 dpi web graphic.  We need to print a full color insert in our newspaper and need a higher res logo.  I was able to find a font on the web that matched but unfortunately it costs $$$.  The fonts that I think would work are either Casablanca or Carlos Bold.  Maye someone out there has similar free fonts to those and can type "Octoberfest" for me in Illustrator, create outlines and send.  I tried messing with live trace but am no good at it and got pretty poor results.  I have attached a sample.  Thanks for help anyone.
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Re: Help with font/logo
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I have known of forum members who would virtually tear out your asshole and make you wear it for saying you found a font you need but don't want to pay for it. That's not me, though.

I checked - I don't have either of those. Good luck.
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So,  :drunk3: i send the job to the rip with live transparecy (v 1.7 or whatever) and it craps out with a memory error.

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Re: Help with font/logo
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Sorry I didn't mean for someone to use one of the fonts that cost money.  I thought they may have a free font that I couldn't find similar to the one in the logo.

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Re: Help with font/logo
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Is Casablanca Antique the same font, I would be willing to do the outline thing if its the same.

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Re: Help with font/logo
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does not look the same, just saw your attachment.

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Re: Help with font/logo
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Not the same font. Carlos Bold looks like Decotura, but there is no lowercase.
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Re: Help with font/logo
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don't have the font myself.

I tried to outline the file you attached, but it's low res and yields a crappy outline (pixelated to say the least), even after tweaking it, it still looks a little rugged.

the font is close to futura, a few of the letters are off tho.
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Re: Help with font/logo
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why not redraw paths in photoshop and export to illy - no more than half hour
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