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Metrix Users?

Think I've discovered a bug...just curious if anyone else has noticed anything like this....when creating a book, metrix picks the first imposition available. When we create a 12 pager and it applies the imposition, it shorts the height of pages 1 & 12 (also 2 & 11, duh). If I go and pick another layout and then re-apply the same 12 page layout (that shorted the pages), it comes back in fine. I have deleted the folding scheme and recreated it exactly and it still does the same thing. Getting ready to call the Metrix people, but was wondering if anybody has run across anything like this before.
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Re: Metrix Users?

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I would put a call in for that one, it is a little weird. It could be the first template has some short head gutter in it (between 8-5 & 4-9)and metrix wants to force the spread 1-12 to fold into the other four, not the other way round.

It's been a while, we've moved up to a custom hack of Metrix Max, so ours is ever weirder.
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Re: Metrix Users?

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How do you guys like Metrix? Determined's shots are the closest I've got.
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Re: Metrix Users?

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It looks about the same. I don't have it on my box, but it's on another in here. Mostly the CSR's use it.
The max version will generate about a bazillion different layouts based on the quantity and size of your product to maximize the sheet (called utilization).
Other than that, it does the same thing, and of course, it needs more ram.
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Re: Metrix Users?

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I like it, for the most part....took awhile to find all the places they hide stuff you're not supposed to have to do (manipulate the layouts)...

Oh, and an update....that problem I talked about in the first post was indeed a bug....strangely, the support person on the phone actually said the word "bug" (thought they taught them back in support school to use other terms so as not to admit a problem)....   :shocked:
Murphy must have been in printing....